No. #2 Selection of 10 Instagram Hotties

As we said we gonna upload 10 Instagram girls every Wednesday here is our promise.


*insert eclipse goggles here*

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Just thought I’d be EXTRA😘

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Wind energy 💙 #PortoCervo

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🖤🌿 @yearofours

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A little Flex on this Friday! 💪 Why do YOU workout? – I started working out to build muscle, I was skinny and wanted to gain some healthy shape. ⏳ I keep working out today because I fell in love with the way it makes me feel: strong, energized, and capable! 💪😊 Whatever your reason, the positive outcomes are endless! – Whether you want to drop body fat, gain muscle, or a little of both, it will not happen overnight. Our bodies (women) are designed to store some fat and don’t posses the hormones necessary to EASILY build muscle naturally. It requires patience, hard work, and consistency. But if I can do it, so can YOU! 😏 – So be patient and kind with your body. Learn to love the process along the way. – 🏋️‍♀️I lift heavy 3-4x per week 🏃‍♀️I do something active I like other days 🍽 I eat healthy foods I actually enjoy 🍕 I allow some treats in moderation 💆 I minimize my stress 😴 I sleep enough 💊 I take some helpful supplements #nlaforher 🙋 I have a sustainable lifestyle that allows me to stay in shape all year. #NoExtremes It doesn’t have to be all bland meals and boring workouts! 🙅 – Learn my methods: LAISDELEONFITNESS.COM Or email me! 📲📧

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